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President, Chase Pruitt

  Phone: (316) 305-4689

  Email: chaseapruitt@gmail.com

Vice President, Rhett Johnston

  Phone: (480) 299-5897

  Email: rhett53@gmail.com

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Phil Greenleaf - 3/28/2014 9:42:54 AM

Hey you all - I don't know anything about about KU hockey, but I know plenty about James Hynes. He mentions being born and bred in NY but what about that raunchy stop in Tucson AZ? Home of the Icecats! James - this Alberta talk has me mesmerized. Are you a pond hockey god or what? Send me a message if you see this. Anyone else - if you can send me James' contact info I'd be obliged.


Patrick Donnelly - 1/27/2014 1:46:22 AM

Hey I'm a huge hockey fan and was wondering if there is any way I can buy a KU hockey jersey. I had found some online, but they were all "game worn," so the sizes were in the 50s. Thanks.


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Abrahamson, Tytus - 9/27/2011

Played 1999-2001, club president and part of the group that restarted the club after it faltered in the mid-90's. It was a humble beginning but Brian Luhrman took over after me and I'm so thrilled to see it thriving and strong today. Matching uniforms and everything! I'm now in NYC pursuing my career in music and still actively playing in net.


Solem, Andy - 9/26/2011

Played 1986-1987. Live in Glenview Illinois. I was one of the founding players along with Brian Farrell (listed above) and John Wiedeman (current radio voice of the Chicago Blackhawks). I was the original goalie back in 1986. The first year, we played with 1968 football jerseys donated by the Athletic Director. Hung up the pads years ago as the Jayhawks were my last organized team - Glad to see the program thriving.


Farrell, Brian - 9/21/2011

One of the 4 founding fathers of the organ-i-zation in '86 here. Great memories of KU hockey. My senior year, we had no coach and had to play in St. Joe. I was coach, captain and club president. Glad to see the club has grown. I'd love to buy a KU hockey jersey...you guys need to sell those! Currently live in Glencoe, IL, still playing hockey at Johnny's Icehouse in Chicago and coach my son's Squirt silver team in Winnetka, IL. Go Hawks!


Vierthaler, Mark - 9/17/2012

Played from 2005-2007. Received my bachelor's of science in journalism. Bounced around newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations as a journalist. Now working as director of communications for Servi-Tech, Inc.


KU Hockey 2014-15  If you are interested in competing at a high level, fast paced game of hockey, KU Hockey is interested in you. KU Hockey has already received invitations for 2-Game Series with Arkansas, Waldorf College and Creighton for the 2014-15 season. For more information contact KU Hockey Club President, Chase Pruitt at (316) 305-4689 or ChaseAPruitt@gmail.com.

--> http://www.kuhockey.com/recruiting.asp

KU Hockey Tryouts  KU Hockey tryouts will be held for all prospective KU Hockey Players 8:30p on September 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The tryouts will be held at Kansas Expocentre in Topeka, KS. For more information contact KU Hockey Club President, Chase Pruitt at (316) 305-4689 or chaseAPruitt@gmail.com.

--> http://www.kuhockey.com/recruiting.asp

Sponsorship  The KU Hockey club is interested in sharing access to our community, online and social networks through private sector sponsorship. KU Hockey offers sponsorship recognition via website, game program full page ads and webcast sponsor ads for every game. For additional information, please contact us at sponsorship@kuhockey.com.

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Internships  The KU Hockey Club is currently accepting 2014 internships applications. The KU Hockey Club needs assistance with Statistics, Marketing, Photography, Video and Social Media. For additional information, please contact us at internships@kuhockey.com.

--> http://www.kuhockey.com/internship.asp

Alumni  The KU Hockey Club has established an Alumni organization for the purpose of reconnecting with program advocates to ensure grassroots support is maintained for future generations of KU Club Hockey players. For additional information, please contact us at alumni@kuhockey.com.

--> http://www.kuhockey.com/alumni.asp

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10/13/2012 Rakowski, Nick Great start by TJ in Game 1 facing 60+ shots. Game 2 difference maker was the loss of 7 skaters. Return of Skelnik game us a bit of jump in our forcheck, Wil played a strong 2-way game all weekend. Nick anchored another great defensive zone effort.
9/29/2012 Austwick, Dilan Sexton & Perry made great strides in defensive zone. Patrick and Adkins worked their butts off defending ISU cycle. Stoneburner and Greenberg created offensive opportunities. It was Austwick, Rakowski and Prokop that kept the score under double digits.
9/22/2012 Berk, TJ Defensive zone play continues to improve. 70% of oppostion goals came on special teams. Team discipline needs to improve in a hurry. TJ rebounded from tough game last week with one of his best starts of KU career.
9/15/2012 Seward, Peter MO is a tough season opener. Physical play translated into 4 KU injuries. The shortened bench also exposed our conditioning shortcomings. Peter was lone bright spot with much improved rebound control over last year.
12/27/2014 1 1

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Coach Berard - 10/18/2012 2:41:26 PM

Tough loss in Game 1 vs Wisconsin-Platte. KU ended up short on PP opportunities with marginal calls at horible spots. Just as KU was about to win the 2nd period, a half-wall scrum ended in another KU penalty forcing a 5-3 kill to start a tied 3rd period. Even after giving up the PP goal to start the 3rd, we battled hard until another marginal penalty with 2:30 left in the game to nailed the coffin shut. Loved the way our guys battled through adversity.

Coach Berard - 10/4/2012 4:02:23 PM

Texas Tech was unable to participate in Iowa State University's inaugral "Big 12 Hockey Tourney" leaving KU Hockey to play the ISU D1 club twice. Injuries kept 6 skaters out of the lineup and school commitments kept another 6 home as well. Perry also went down with injury in game 2. KU did have a great opportunity to work on breaking ISU's neutral zone trap and left wing lock.

Coach Berard - 9/23/2012 11:13:57 AM

Tough couple of weekends to start the season. Injuries include Kiegerl (ankle), Giballi (shoulder), Primovic (shoulder) & Greenberg (concussion) last weekend, then Bohn (shoulder) and Wollet (wrist) this weekend. Fortunately, the 2012-13 is a bit deeper than previous years. Also, we've cleaned up or defensive zone discipline and have had plenty of practise to work on penalty kill. Hopefully we will start getting guys off DL soon, and start stringing togethe 3 consective periods of hockey.


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